"Elite Sports Performance has been an integral part of our team’s preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I can contribute the majority of our team’s success to the strength and conditioning program provided by Elite Sports Performance. Their onsite facility has been a fantastic resource to prepare our team and we have now made it our home base for our World Cup preparations, 2010 Commonwealth Games, and 2012 London Olympic Games."

John Beasley

Malaysian Track Cycling Team
, Head Coach

"Elite Sports Performance has an excellent understanding of all aspects of training needed to improve athlete’s strength, power and reduce injury risk. They implement cutting edge methods to elicit maximum gains! I would totally recommend their service."

Alex Corvo

Brisbane Broncos
Physical Performance Coach / Manager

"I have found Elite Sports Performance to be innovative, enthusiastic and very professional in all aspects of training and programming."

Craig Bellamy

Melbourne Storm NRL
, Head Coach

"Preventing injuries and injury recurrence commonly relies on an athlete’s ability to cope with the volume, intensity, strength and load requirements of an activity. The trainers at Elite Sports Performance recognise this and systematically design individual conditioning programs that have been successful in injury management for athletes and teams from a variety of sports."

Dr Tania Pizzari

Physiotherapist, PhD, B.Physio(Hons)

"Elite Sports Performance has helped me become the biggest Bench Presser in Australia. They have what you need to take you to the next level."

Shaun Bostock
Australian Bench Press record holder - 325 kg

"If you want to do a job correctly, you have to have the right tools. And Elite Sports Performance has all the tools that an athlete needs to reach the top level. I would put Elite Sports Performance against any training facility or gym in America. They’ve got all the racks, monolifts, machines, weights, kettlebells that you will ever need. If you want to get stronger, leaner, and faster you had better visit Elite Sports Performance."

Jim Wendler

Elite Fitness Systems 

"Elite Sports Performance has a full grasp of the Westside system. They have integrated the contrast Method, the Maximum Effort method and the Repetitive Method to near failure, through the conjugate system to improve all their training."

Louie Simmons

Powerlifting guru and 
owner of Westside Barbell

"Elite Sports Performance is working with a most advanced skill set of both academic and practical knowledge. This information applied with intelligence and personal experience has netted statistically extreme results in player achievement and team standing."

Bianca Stone 2008

U.S.A. # 1 ranked 132lb. women’s powerlifter, total & deadlift

Westside Barbell member

"Elite Sports Performance is one of a kind. There is no other training facility or gym set up like it. They have the best equipment and the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever encountered. If your goal is to get stronger, faster or bigger there is no better place to achieve this than Elite Sports Performance. If you aren’t training there, you are missing out."

Stephen Pritchard

Australian IPF Powerlifter, #1 ranked bench presser for 2008,

National, Oceania and Commonwealth Champion

"I've been woking with Martyn since my arrival at Collingwood Football Club in 2006. He's not ony been an integral part in the team's success but also in my own personal physical development. Nothing I've experienced comes close to the set up of Elite Sports Performance. It's a seriously great traning environment with outstanding equipment and effective programming."

Scott Pendelbury

Collingwood Football Club

"With the right attitude and training program, we are all capable of achieveing what we thought was never possible."

Martyn Girvan

Founder Elite Sports Performance

High Performance / Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Collingwood Football Club and the Malaysian Olympic Track Cycling Team

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