Cutting edge sports science technology is now available to improve your performance.

Our High Performance Cycling Testing Program has been developed at Olympic and World Championship level.


We also offer a 6 weeks training program to develop strength and power characteristics specific to cycling performance and address injury prevention.

“Elite Sports Performance is an amazing training facility, like nothing I’ve seen before. The Wattbike feedback is instantaneous so you understand what you're doing, why and how you can improve. In just a few short weeks my pedaling efficiency has increased from 62% to 73%. I’m putting out more power with less energy expenditure.”
 Monty Frankish, Professional Triathlete.

"Elite Sports Performance's High Performance Cycling program has been an important contributing factor in our team’s qualification for the London Olympics. They continue to improve the performance of our athletes with a great combination of sports science and practical application. I highly recommend the High Performance Cycling program for cyclists of all levels who are looking for a competitive edge."John Beasley, Malaysian Track Cycling Team
 Head Coach.

For more information please contact Martyn Girvan on 0416 282 511

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